2014 University of Iowa Mobile Museum

Mobile Museum

The University of Iowa Mobile Museum launched in 2014 as a partnership between the UI Vice President for Research and Economic Development, the Office of the State Archaeologist, the UI Museum of Natural History, and the Old Capitol Museum.

The Mobile Museum inspires visitors to understand the world by bringing exhibits with cutting-edge research, one-of-a-kind artifacts, and interactive digital media to Iowa’s communities statewide.  We promote interdisciplinary partnerships and collaborations to present UI research and stimulate understanding, appreciation, and pride for the University of Iowa and the state.



2014 exhibits

Mobile Museum fossils
The Mobile Museum features an array of exhibits that focus on three very different eras in Iowa’s history.
  • Iowa’s Ice Age Giants explores the great mammals that roamed the state during the last ice age and their sudden extinction.
  • Glenwood: Iowa’s Ancient Agriculturalists tells the story of the Glenwood culture centered in the Loess Hills and their connections to the Iowa landscape through agriculture.
  • Cornerstones focuses on the founding of Iowa and writing of its constitution, the building of the Old Capitol building, and the creation of the University of Iowa.

The museum also features a new interactive digital wall that allows visitors to learn about UI space research, the Santos Virtual Soldier program, and the UI Flood Center’s sophisticated flood-prediction mapping systems, as well as additional information on Iowa archaeology.


Contact Information

Email us at mobile-museum@uiowa.edu to invite the University of Iowa Mobile Museum to your community or event! Follow us @UIMobileMuseum.



Calendar and Events

Check out our upcoming stops on the Dare to Discover calendar.


Mobile Museum coloring book
Mobile Museum Coloring Book

We're excited to share with you a fun coloring book featuring some of the many discoveries housed in the Mobile Museum.  To get free copies of a printable version of the coloring book please click the link below to download a PDF (3.3 MB) version:





2014 Annual Report

Learn more about what we accomplished during the Mobile Museum's Annual Season. Click here to read the 2014 annual report online.






Images and Video

Mobile Museum exterior

Mobile Museum exterior

Mobile Museum fossil

Mobile Museum - touch screens

Mobile Museum exhibit - Ice age giants

Mobile Museum exhibit - Earth lodges


Old Capitol Museum

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