Archaeology & Cultural History Float on the Des Moines River


Saturday, July 26, 2014 - 8:00am


Lehigh, IA
 Webster County Conservation will offer a special "Archaeology & Cultural History Float," on the Des Moines River south of Lehigh, beginning at 1:00 pm on Saturday, July 26.

During the float, Archaeologist Mark Anderson will explain the rich cultural history of the Des Moines River valley. Participants will be introduced to Iowa?s archaeological past, a chronology of Iowa?s cultural history, and the importance of Iowa?s water trails to people throughout time. Mark Anderson is a Research Specialist at the UI Office of the State Archaeologist, with over 26 years experiencing conducting archaeological investigations across the state. One of his many research specialties is experiments in ancient technologies (projectile point manufacturing, atlatls and darts, fire starting, etc.).

Put-in will be at Deception Hollow, located approx. 2 miles south of Lehigh from P73, and 2 miles east toward the river. It will take several hours to paddle to Skillet Creek Access, the take-out point. Participants should register, even if they have their own vessels. A limited number of kayaks will be available for public use; first-come, first-served.

This event is free, but participation is limited to 20 boats, so preregistration is required. Call or email Karen Hansen at (515) 576-4258 or

This event is cosponsored by Webster County Conservation, the UI Office of the State Archaeologist, and the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.


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