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As part of its statewide mission, the University of Iowa is committed to making research findings available to as broad a public as possible. Whether it is an interactive, hands-on classroom presentation or a scholarly, informative lecture, the Dare to Discover partners are excited to visit your community to present on a variety of research topics. Topics could include, but are not limited to, natural and cultural history; public health and public policy issues; economic development and entrepreneurship; or the work of current UI artists, researchers, and scholars.  

To learn about potential speakers and topics, please complete the Online Speaker Inquiry Form. We welcome inquiries from both formal and non-formal school groups, as well as service clubs, community and civic organizations, professional and educational associations, library groups, senior centers, churches, museums, local park or natural area, and more. 

If the Dare to Discover team does not meet your speaker or presentation needs, we highly recommend the University of Iowa Speakers Bureau, which can connect you to speakers on a broad range of topics, both local and global, cultural and political, scientific and literary.


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