exhibit layout

Here you can see two examples of past years' layouts.

In general, the three physical exhibits have been laid out similarly each year--but each has contained slightly different elements within this general plan.

  • One exhibit fits in the passenger-side slideout and part of the front center case and front area (area A on the diagrams).  This slideout is both shorter and shallower than the one on the driver's side, so we have often used it for exhibits with relatively flat objects including books, letters, and photos.  It held Iowa's Ice Age Giants in 2014, Over Here from Over There: Iowans in World War II in 2015, German Iowa in 2016, and Speaking of Work in 2017.
  • The second exhibit fits in the driver-side slideout and part of the front center case and front area (area B on the diagrams).  This slideout is longer and deeper than the one on the passenger side, so works well for some larger and deeper elements.  This area held Iowa's Early Agriculturalists in 2014, Hawkeyes in Space in 2015, A Wealth of Health in 2016, and Oneota Archaeological Connections in 2017.
  • One exhibit fits in the back third of the vehicle.  This is a good place for some kinds of interactives and large objects that won't fit elsewhere.  This area (area C on the diagrams) held the Cornerstones history exhibit in 2014, Water Underground in 2015, Hawkeye Power in 2016, and Delving Deep in 2017.

Approximate layout for 2014:

Mobile Museum approximate floorplan

Approximate layout for 2015:

Diagram of museum layout in 2015


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