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The Mobile Museum and Your School

The University of Iowa Mobile Museum is available for free to tour schools across Iowa from April through the end of October. A staff of highly experienced educators from the Pentacrest Museums and the Office of the State Archaeologist collaborated to create the following guidelines and activities to enrich the Mobile Museum experience for your students.


Please use the online form to request a visit for your school. When scheduling, allow enough time in your school day to accommodate our recommendations for timing and capacity. These recommendations are based on our extensive experience with school visits and will allow students ample time to interact with the exhibits, digital touch screens, and docents. Please note that increasing capacity or reducing time greatly detracts from the student experience. If you would like for every student in every grade at your school to see the museum, you may need to book more than one day. 

Grades Recommended Capacity Recommended Tour Timing
K-2 20 20
3-12 20-25 20-25

Museum Manners

Upon scheduling the Mobile Museum, all educators agree to review our museum manners with their students prior to our visit.  

Educator Guides

Our exhibits are based on current research and projects taking place at the University of Iowa. Some of this research may touch on topics your students will be learning or have already learned. Other content may be beyond their learning level. We have found that students gain more from a Mobile Museum visit when they have an advance understanding of the exhibits. 

The Essentials

Upon scheduling the Mobile Museum, all educators agree to watch our pre-visit video with their students. Our printable Mobile Museum Guide for Educators is coming soon!

View our video directly from the website (improved clarity) or from YouTube at 720p HD (below)

Extended Activities

The Mobile Museum Education staff has curated a series of additional activities and resources from the web that will enhance your students' understanding of the exhibits.

  • A Matter of Scales activities and resources
  • Wild Iowa activities and resources
  • Discover, Develop, Deploy activities and resources (coming soon)


Upon scheduling the Mobile Museum, all educators agree to complete a basic evaluation regarding the Mobile Museum visit and educational materials. We appreciate your school's interest in our free service!  In order to continue providing such a high quality resource to schools, it is important to learn what works well and what could be improved. This will be emailed to teachers by our Education staff. Thank you in advance! 

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