Interactive Educational Tools

Build an aquifer that you can eat, meet Germy the Germ, and have fun learning about environmental and public health with the State Hygienic Laboratory's online courses. Our scientists designed these courses to be fun and educational.  Tell us if you agree (or if you don't) by taking the online survey after finishing a course.

Did You See That ? 

Did You See That? gameboard

In our interactive game, "Did You See That?," public health lab scientists talk about their jobs and the various educational tracks that can lead you to a similar career.




Edible Aquifers

Edible Aquifer teaches the different layers of the earth by building an edible aquifer

Edible Aquifers is a 17-minute narrated presentation designed for students in third through sixth grades. In this fun, hands-on course, students are introduced to the layers of earth that make up an aquifer and how the composition of these layers can affect the water held in the aquifer.



Germy the Germ 

Germy the Germ teaches about good bacteria and harmful bacteria

Germy the Germ is a 15-minute narrated presentation for students in kindergarten through third grade. In this colorful course, students will be introduced to many things about germs—from their size to where they are found and how they are spread.



Newborn Screening: Growing up with PKU

Learn about how children overcome the challenges of growing up with PKU

Find out why it is so important to detect metabolic and other inherited disorders in the first days of life and see how laboratory scientists perform the screening tests. In Newborn Screening: Growing up with PKU, students in fifth through eighth grades will be introduced to this critical and potentially lifesaving laboratory science.


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