Iowa Great Lakes Archaeology


Tuesday, March 27, 2018 - 7:00pm


Wickiup Hill Learning Area

Iowa's State Archaeologist, John Doershuk, will present his recent rsearch from the Iowa Lakeside Laboratory archaeological field schools in recent summers that have focused on investigating two Prairie Lakes Woodland sites in Dickinson County, Iowa. These sites are located at the Kettleson-Hogsback Wildlife Area and at Mini-Wakan State Park. Both sites have excellent faunal preservation, and both have yielded excellent examples of typical Prairie Lakes Woodland Fox Lake and Lake Benton wares. These sites, with the Arthur site, represent the only three Prairie Lakes Woodland contexts formally investigated in Iowa. The context and findings from the Arthur site will be compared with the fieldwork and current results from the last few summers of work. Cost is $2.50/adult, $1/child 16 and under, or $5 family.


Old Capitol Museum

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