University of Iowa Mobile Museum

The University of Iowa Mobile Museum launched in 2014 as a partnership between the UI Vice President for Research and Economic Development, the Office of the State Archaeologist, the UI Museum of Natural History, and the Old Capitol Museum.

The Mobile Museum inspires visitors to understand the world by bringing exhibits with cutting-edge research, one-of-a-kind artifacts, and interactive digital media to Iowa’s communities statewide.  We promote interdisciplinary partnerships and collaborations to present UI research and stimulate understanding, appreciation, and pride for the University of Iowa and the state.


Call for Participation for 2017

Our 2017 Call for Participation can be found by clicking here. If you would like to go directly to the Proposal form, click here.

2016 Exhibits

The Mobile Museum features three physical exhibits:

Hawkeye Power: Clean Energy for Iowans 

The University of Iowa is working to lower Iowa’s energy impact by developing our state’s renewable energy resources and researching ways to make our homes and offices more efficient. Learn more about Iowa’s role as a leader in wind power and find out why windmill blades are shaped the way they are. Explore different types of biofuels that are grown across the state, and see how they compare to coal and natural gas. Discover simple ways to make your home or office more efficient, saving energy and money. 

See the Curricula developed for this exhibit here.

A Wealth of Health: From Iowa to the World 

Healthcare professionals educated and working at the University of Iowa have played a key role in developing new health technologies, innovative teaching tools for training healthcare professionals, and creative STEM education materials, serving Iowans and people around the world. Explore how the Ponseti Method, developed by a UI physician, has treated clubfoot and allowed thousands of people around the world to live a normal, active life. Experience what it’s like to train as a healthcare professional: touch real human organs, study X-rays, and watch robotic surgery. See how the University of Iowa is taking care of Iowans across the state with distance healthcare, wearable technologies, and the brand-new UI Children’s Hospital. 

See the Curricula developed for this exhibit here.

German Iowa

One third of Iowans claim German heritage, far more than any other ethnic group. Faculty and students at the UI have carefully researched the lasting influence of German culture in Iowa. Discover why German immigrants flocked to our state between 1850 and 1950 and the influence they’ve had on Iowa’s history. Experience how perception of German-Americans and German culture shifted during the First and Second World Wars through stunning propaganda posters, and see how this culture persisted in the face of shifting political winds. You can also learn more about the project at

The museum also features a new interactive digital wall that allows visitors to learn about research and creative activity happening in a variety of UI units.

We'd love to visit you!

The Mobile Museum travel season is April 1st through October 31st. There are no costs associated with bringing the Mobile Museum to you. To plan a visit to your community, please complete this form. If you are a school and would like Mobile Museum to visit you, please fill out this form. We now have activities and lessons for educators that highlight our three main exhibits! These activities can be used before, during, and after a Mobile Museum school visit. 

Space and Power Requirements

If you’re planning a Mobile Museum visit, it’s important to make sure your space can accommodate us. We need a 20-foot by 40-foot parking area on a firm, level surface. The Mobile Museum also has a 110-volt electrical hookup that can use a 15-amp, 30-amp, or 50-amp plug. Don’t have an outlet we can plug into? No worries—we can use our generator.

If you have any questions please call (319) 335-2898 or email us at

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