Museum Manners

Please review museum manners with your class prior to your arrival and plan to supervise your class during their visit. PDF iconThis is also available as a printable PDF.

For Students

  • Be careful and considerate of others while getting in and out of the museum. Please do not play on the stairs.
  • Be respectful and kind to the docents (museum staff).
  • Use a quiet, inside voice while inside the Mobile Museum. Being in the museum can be an exciting experience, but we have a small space for many people to enjoy!
  • We have several exciting touchscreen exhibits. Only ONE PERSON AT A TIME may use each touchscreen!
  • The exhibit iPads are not for personal use. Be respectful when using the iPads and exploring their exhibit content. 
  • When watching a video, watch it all the way through.
  • There are many fun experiments and demonstrations to try out! TAKE TURNS and once you try one out, move on and let your other classmates have a turn.
  • Exhibits, exhibit cases, and glass are NOT to be used as writing surfaces.
  • If you are not sure whether a button, cupboard, curtain, or window is part of an exhibit, please ask a docent and do not touch without permission! 
  • Have fun!

For Teachers and Classroom Assistants

  • You are welcome to join in discussions, encourage students’ participation and help students relate museum activities to what they have been studying.
  • You are responsible for maintaining discipline as you would in the classroom. Please set a good example for students to model.
  • We are very conscientious regarding permission to take and use photographs of students and minors. Please feel free to take photos of your students and the exhibits for your own personal classroom use. If your school allows you to share and post these photos on social media with permission from parents or guardians, please tag the University of Iowa Mobile Museum on Facebook and/or @uimobilemuseum on TwitterTumblr, or Instagram
  • Please assist with safety by guiding students to the museum and up the stairs. Make sure there is an adult at the back of each group and assist at crosswalks when necessary.
  • If your students are bringing worksheets, each should bring a clipboard or notebook.  Exhibits, exhibit cases, and glass are NOT to be used as writing surfaces, with the exception of our DIY History desk.
  • Please fill out our Evaluation Form and thank you for making us a part of your school day!


Our Mobile Museum is equipped with a wheelchair lift. Please let a docent know if it is needed and they will assist you and your student(s). 


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