OSA Brown Bag: A Havana-Hopewell Village and Mound Center at Gast Farm, Southeast Iowa


Friday, February 24, 2017 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm


Clinton Street Building

Join us for another Brown Bag this winter on Friday, February 24, with A Havana-Hopewell Village and Mound Center at Gast Farm, Southeast Iowa, by Bill Green.

This presentation provides an update on research at Gast Farm (13LA12), a multicomponent site in the Mississippi River valley. Previous work indicated the presence of a Middle Woodland (Havana-Hopewell) community dating to ca. A.D. 100, as well as a mound and a possible geometric earthwork. A recent geophysical survey shows that the community was a large, circular-to-oval village with a central open space, much like a Late Woodland village that was established nearby 200 years later. The site is significant because very few complete Havana-Hopewell village plans have been documented. No geometric earthwork was found, but instead of one mound, we discovered at least six.

Bill Green is the Director of the Logan Museum of Anthropology, Beloit College. Before he went to Wisconsin he served as the Director of the Office of the State Archaeologist at the University of Iowa. His major professional interests include North American archaeology, ethnohistory, and ethnology. He is on academic leave this year and with help from Beloit students and alumni as well as colleagues at the University of Iowa, Arizona State University, and the National Park Service, Bill has been conducting archaeological studies of Woodland communities occupied 1000-2000 years ago in the Mississippi River valley.

Brown Bags at the Office of the State Archaeologist (OSA) is a semi-regular series where OSA staff and guests share their research over the noon hour. Topics include individuals’ areas of interest, work in the field, developments in archaeology and architectural history throughout Iowa and the Midwest. Guest speakers whose expertise is in other areas pertaining to archaeology or ethno history may be invited throughout the year as well. For more information please go to http://archaeology.uiowa.edu/ . These presentations are free and open to the public. Attendees are encouraged to  engage in discussion and exchange following the presentation.


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