People's Art Project

A herd of 237 men, women and children braved temperatures that hovered around 10 degrees to form the shape of a giant bison at the seventh annual People's Art Project on Jan. 25, 2014. The event was held on the ice of Little Miller's Bay near Iowa Lakeside Laboratory during the 2014 Okoboji Winter Games to raise environmental awareness.

People's Art Project: Buffalo

About Lakeside Lab

Lakeside Lab is a Regents Resource Center and field state for Iowa's state universities. The State Hygienic Laboratory operates a water chemistry lab at Lakeside.

Jane Shuttleworth, environmental education coordinator, designed the bison image. The photography was taken by Judy Hemphill with the assistance of Leading Edge Aviation.

Images from past years of the People's Art Project are available on Lakeside Lab's website.



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