Professor KW Therm: "All Things Energy"


Saturday, April 19, 2014 - 6:00am


Macbride Hall Auditorium
 On Saturday, April 19th, Doug Litwiller (aka ?Professor KW Therm?) will present ?All Things Energy? in Macbride Auditorium at 11:00am.  Doug is the associate director of Energy Conservation in Facilities Management at the University of Iowa, and is one of many individuals at the university focused on reducing the University of Iowa?s energy consumption.  The ?Professor? will give the audience members of all ages a light-hearted look at ?all things energy? including information on how the university is reducing its carbon footprint and how you can reduce energy consumption at home.  The ?Professor? will be answering questions such as How much energy does the university consume?, What is a Kilowatt-hour and why should I care?, What does an LED light bulb look like?, What is coal?, and more.


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