Protection of Ancient Human Remains in Iowa: Purposes, Laws and Processes


Monday, April 23, 2018 - 7:00pm


Wickiup Hill Outdoor Learning Center

What makes Iowa special in the realm of protecting burials in the US? Explore the role of the Office of the State Archaeologists (OSA) plays in the protection of ancient human remains (defined as over 150 years old) in Iowa. Learn how OSA relies on local conservation agencies and private landowners to aid them in upholding Iowa's responsibilities to record, protect, and preserve known burial sites, which in Iowa includes prehistorically constructed mounds and both historic and prehistoric cemeteries. Here how Lara Noldner of the OSA Bioarchaeology Program works to protect, preserve, and report these important cultural resources. Cost: $2.50/adult, $1/child (16 and under) or $5/family.


Old Capitol Museum

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