Reserve a Trunk

Reservation Policies and Procedures

Thanks to support from the University of Iowa [are there other sponsors? if so list them all here], the Discovery Trunks are free of charge for teachers and educators. 

The trunks may be borrowed for a maximum of thirty days, with longer terms negotiable. Reservations are handled on a first-come, first-served basis. Because of the length of this loan period, we cannot guarantee the availability of a particular trunk at any particular time.

Please allow for adequate time between your reservation submission and the date you need the trunk. At least one week is preferred to allow time to process to process requests and shipping.

We reserve the right to charge for damaged or missing items.

Shipping Options:

  • Pick up or drop off the trunk at the University of Iowa campus. Trunks are stored at the Museum of Natural History, Old Capitol Museum, and Office of the State Archaeologist. 
  • Trunks can be shipped to you free of charge!
  • Trunks shipped back are at the borrower's expense. We keep on top of shipping rates with the best-priced vendors, so ask for our input! Current rates are around $10!

Reservation Form

No more than 30 days past desired pickup date.
Please provide any additional information that may help us with your request.


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